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New Product Launch: GemPharmatech Introduces Alcoholic Liver Disease Model

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Alcoholic fatty liver disease is a liver-damaging condition caused by long-term excessive alcohol consumption. It initially presents as alcoholic fatty liver and can progress to alcoholic hepatitis, alcoholic liver fibrosis, and even lead to liver cell carcinoma. According to the Global Burden of Disease Project’s report, in 2016, approximately 1.2569 million people died from cirrhosis and chronic liver disease, with 27% attributed to alcohol. In addition, approximately 245,000 people died from alcohol-induced liver cancer, accounting for 30% of all liver cancer deaths. Clearly, alcoholic liver disease has become a major threat to human health.

Abstinence from alcohol is the most fundamental measure in treating alcoholic liver disease. However, apart from long-term abstinence, the treatment of alcohol-induced liver injury still faces many challenges in terms of medications and interventions. Drug development relies on suitable animal models, and GemPharmatech has independently developed a disease model for alcoholic liver disease. In this model, B6 mice and wild mice750 that have been modeled display symptoms such as impaired liver function, liver fibrosis, and infiltration of inflammatory cells, effectively simulating the clinical characteristics of alcoholic fatty liver disease. This contributes to the exploration of alcoholic liver disease mechanisms and the development of new drugs.

After modeling, B6 mice and wild mice 750 showed significant increases in ALT, AST, and liver weight-to-body weight ratio, while the ALB content decreased.

H&E and Oil Red staining revealed liver inflammation and lipid accumulation in both B6 mice and wild mice 750 after 8 weeks of modeling.

After modeling, Sirius Red staining of the liver in both B6 mice and wild mice 750 indicated the presence of fibrosis.

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